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Vision: This is one of the tastiest looking savory sample of succulent burger i have ever seen. Food is art. The burger looks great, fe...

It's absolutely adorable! And Also TRAGIC!!!! Sniper only wants for the love of his fellow teammate, the a Spy, but the no-homo policy ...

I 360 sometimes, but when I do, my giant penis goes round and destroys everything that ever exsisted, but because my giant penis is als...



To make my friend Madison Shay, or number1andysixlover, feel better, I'm doing an interview of myself.
Ok. Cool beans.

1. Hello there~! What is your name(s)?
My name is Ellis. Sometimes my friends call me Ellis, but I don't like that because it's a girly name, so you guys can just call me Ellis.
Jonathan Robert Harvey.

2. Cool name(s)! What's your favorite color(s)?
Blue. No...Ye-OWWWWWWW....

 3. I love those colors too! What is your age?

4. Any weapons or magic?
Yo man, don't let the pigs in on it, but check my guns.

5. Tell us how you look like.
I look like sonic but I'm super stronger and sexier and also faster by over 1896;578983)3)3728&292029747772$hYA^]%#6183036460074646749374738397263645888873626 Times! My village was all killed by doctor rohputnek so now he has to get ready fo tight with me!!!
5 ft 9 in, shaggy brown hair, glasses, some muscle and brown eyes.

6. Favorite food?

7. I wonder... Any crushes/lovers?
The Booty! And my girlfriend, Coralline. She's always there for me and has a fine booty.

8. Are you a mutant or a human? If mutant, how did you get mutated?
Mutant. When I was a wee las, I ate paste.
A lot.

9. Are you afraid of something?

10. Any likes and dislikes?
I like people a lot, as well as a good anime.
I love movies.
I love Trigun and Cowboy Bebop.
I love my girlfriend, Coraline, so much.
I love my super duper great friends like Madison.
I dislike the new Lorax movie.
I dislike Michael Bay.
I dislike the requests for sequel to movies like Spirited Away which have already had great conclusions.
I dislike PeTA.
I dislike people who think PeTA is helping animals.
I dislike a lot of anime.
I dislike people who are all "NUUU SUB IS ONLY WAY TO WATCH *!%# DUBS, DESU!"
I dislike desu.
I dislike people who can't take a joke even when they know its one.
I dislike people who try shoving their opinion down your throat like a big fat ugly co-

11. What's your favorite holiday?

12.  When's your birthday and what's your birthstone?
March 23, 1998, they sword of Greystone.
Okay, it's a tiger-eye.

13.  What's your favorite vocaloid song?
Levan Polka or I Like You I Love You.

14. Any siblings you have?
An older brother, Christian, a younger brother, Joshua, and a younger sister, Anna.

15.  Who are your friends?
Bailey Stevenson, Brock Stevenson, Haley Stephenson, Clay Anderson, Madison Shay. Meghan Hoschetter, Gregory Callenberg (head of the Louisiana Film Prize), Justin Burton, James Clarke, Dalton Smalley, Micah Jordan, John Singleton (not kidding, honestly), and Batman.

16. Final Question! Did you have fun with this?
It was truly Shrektacular.

Um...mI dunno how to tag...
BulmaBreifs, I guess.
Shes nice.


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Jonathan Harvey
United States
I'm stupid. What's your excuse?


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